Smarty PHP Framework

Smarty PHP is an open source framework that is used to generate templates and is coded in PHP. It is generally described as Template Engine. Smarty PHP’s plethora of devices aid programmers in automating tasks. 
Why Smarty PHP Framework?
  • Easy to use and maintain                                        Fast and accurate coding
  • Advanced caching of pages                                    Output filters
  • Flexibility for custom development                         Built-in template compiling
  • Plugins & Add-ons                                                    Resources
  • Performance                                                              Variable modifiers
Smarty proves to be more beneficial for large web applications and websites with heavy traffic. Our PHP Smarty Development Services include PHP Smarty Installation and Configuration, Smarty Customization, Web and Application Development, CMS and Portal Development and Template Design.  We, at UDeserve Technologies offer effective smarty PHP solutions to our clients. We are noted for offering a wide range of services using Smarty, at cost-effective prices. 
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