Importance of JavaScript in Web Design and Development

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client side scripting language which could be used along HTML for writing web pages. JavaScript is very popular and adopted universally by the every web browser for its support which allows dynamic content to get execute in a webpage. JavaScript is not a part of HTML but then it is a standalone programming language developed in NETSCAPE. JavaScript was originally developed for supporting the browser with feature of asynchronous communication, controlling the browser and for user interaction with the web page components. The first and official name of JavaScript was Live Script that was changed after the release of Netscape Navigator 2.0 Beta 3. The change in the name was because of the addition of Java technology into it. As JavaScript got its success worldwide with its integration into the web browsers, the Microsoft has added the JavaScript technology to its own Browser Internet Explorer.


javascript and its applications

Is JavaScript and JAVA same?

No. JavaScript is a scripting language written for scripting at the web pages at the client side. Java is object oriented programming language and it has multi use. JAVA and JavaScript both are different languages with different semantics and functionalities. JavaScript is dynamic and it has fantastic functions to use. JavaScript does use the naming conventions from JAVA and uses the syntax pattern from C but then JavaScript is a multi paradigm language. Therefore, JAVA and JavaScript are both unrelated to each other.

Uses and applications of JavaScript

An HTML page is a static one and without JavaScript it would be static still. JavaScript could make a web page dynamic and also we can create special effects on web pages like rollover, roll out and many types of graphics that would leave an amazing impression on the users mind. For example, for a flash content on a web page to be executed in a web browser the JavaScript must be enabled. JavaScript is mainly used in all websites for the validation purpose. The Validation would be for a contact form or a registration form where a user fills all there information and there the page has to validate the filled data and that validation could be done with JavaScript other than server side scripting languages. JavaScript is not only supports the web pages but also it supports the external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, supporting for flash applications etc.

JavaScript has grown much better now and it is kept on advancing according to the need and support. Based on JavaScript there are many frameworks and Virtual Machines that are developed and also increased the popularity of its new features for server side scripting. JavaScript has emerged so much in web industry like a boom and if you look at the current web trend there are no web technologies that are not using JavaScript. For example AJAX and JQuery, in that the AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a very important role and JQuery gives the library for predefined functions for adding animations and many dynamic features to the web pages. AJAX and JQuery are some of the current web trends in terms of Dynamic website design and development.

JavaScript is not only limited to client side scripting but then it has steps in server side scripting too that is NODE.JS (JS package for server side scripting) and it has the capability for server side scripting and creating real world applications. Over and all JavaScript has vast popularity and use in web world and it is keep on advancing along with advancing web trend.